Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tomorrow's class agenda (and the possibility of a make-up class on 9/11)


 Tomorrow, we will complete the discussion of section 4.4 (belief-space search), and also cover 4.5 (online search).
If you haven't read section 4.5, please make sure you do.  Time permitting, we will start with Bryce paper. We will come back to it next week.

 We will also try to see if we can schedule a make-up class next week (perhaps on Friday the 11th). This is because I will be missing two classes on the week of 21st as I will be attending ICAPS 2009 in Greece (I know--someone has to do all this hard travel..), and prefer to make them up myself.  So, please come with your Friday 11th calendar.


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